Health & Safety Policy

We have put together our policy statement as part of our commitment to working with the building industry, which sets out the policy of TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd in respect of any employee, self-employed person and contractor under our control whose health and safety may be affected by our work activities.


This document provides a statement of Health & Safety Policy for TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd. It also identifies the arrangements, organisation and responsibilities for its implementation and revision.
The Policy is intended to ensure that the activities of members of staff do not put the Health and Safety of themselves and others at risk.


This Policy applies to all activities carried out by TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd employees.

Health & Safety Policy Statement

In TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd our aims are to:

  • Comply with all UK Health & Safety Legislation, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes
  • Ensure our activities are conducted safely, protecting the health of employees and all others who may be affected
  • Manage our activities to meet all relevant laws and regulations
  • Set Health & Safety targets and maintain an improvement plan to address areas where measurement has indicated an improvement is necessary

In order to achieve our aims we will:

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees and all others who work on our behalf
  • Identify risks and where they cannot be eliminated, control them to an acceptable level
  • Value the efforts of all employees in the field of Health & Safety equally with their other contributions to the business
  • Require every employee, and others who work on our behalf, to exercise personal responsibility in preventing harm to themselves and others
  • Actively work to prevent all workplace accidents and near miss incidents
  • Encourage the open reporting of all accident and near miss incidents and their investigation to facilitate the prevention of recurrence
  • Provide such information, instruction and training as needed to enable employees to co-operate fully with us in achieving compliance with the policy.




TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd strategy for fulfilling its Health & Safety Policy is through the implementation of the TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd Health & Safety Manual, the contents of which are listed in Appendix B. TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd aligns with this through the provision of Health & Safety procedures based on the relevant Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Statutory requirements. The Health & Safety Manual is accessible to all staff.

Health & Safety procedures are constantly reviewed and improved to take advantage of best practice, learning from incidents (internally and externally), and changes in statutory requirements.

All work of a potentially hazardous nature, is subject to a risk assessment.

Plant & Equipment

The design, construction, operation and maintenance of all plant and equipment will conform to all statutory requirements and relevant Codes of Practice.


Health & Safety information is communicated:

  • Managing Director directly with site supervisors, employee’s and sub-contractors
  • Health & Safety Manual


All employees receive a mandatory induction prior to beginning work.  Focused training sessions will be arranged for employees on Health & Safety topics, such as Manual Handling, if required.  TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd, when required organise specific Health & Safety training for individuals.  Employees engaged in potentially hazardous activities have comprehensive training plans and records to ensure relevant competencies are established and sustained.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

This scheme ensures that those working in construction have achieved, or can demonstrate they have already attained an agreed level of occupational competence. TP Carpentry Contractors Ltd operate a policy that all of the workforce possess a CSCS Card.

Citb SMSTS heath & safety training qualified

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